Commercial Services

The current economic climate has produced a record number of foreclosures in the last several years. Houses are everywhere and in literally all sizes, conditions, and price ranges. Many investors are choosing to buy and rehab properties that are available for prices well below the market values of several years back. The prudent buyer or investor still has an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on these properties if they buy wisely, but purchasing the wrong property at the wrong price can be devastating financially, and unnecessarily drain your time and energy for an extended period.

It is not unusual for motivated buyers to miss or overlook potential problems and underestimate the cost of getting the property in the condition necessary to re-sell or rent the property, and likewise it's not unusual for motivated sellers to underplay problems and costs involved in bringing the property up to standards.

For over 25 years, we've been in the business of estimating and producing projects that touch on literally all of the components of any property, inside and out. We know what to look for, and it's our business to know the costs and problems associated with any and all projects related to renovations and "fix ups". It's our business, and we look at projects realistically, our bottom line depends on being right and thorough. So does yours.

How Can We Help You?

Before You Buy: For a nominal inspection/consultation fee, we can perform a detailed onsite inspection, assessing the general condition, mechanicals, and interior and exterior features and components. We'll provide a written report that outlines our general assessment along with our thoughts on what may be substantial concerns and recommendations. We can also produce an optional and more detailed report that analyzes specific estimated costs of materials and labor required to upgrade the property to the requisite condition necessary to sell or rent it.

After You Buy: We can help you budget the project and set up a realistic timeline based on your budget and priorities. We can provide any and/or all of the cleanup and interior and exterior work on the home, or supplement your own efforts with those of our workers in a program tailored to your budget, timing and needs. We can also advise you on materials and suppliers that we've worked with over the years that may save you time and money.